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Special Issue on Internet Computing and Its Applications



Development of Machine Learning based Natural Language Processing System

Jaeho Lee, Younhee Kim, Hyunkyung Shin and Kibong Song

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An Analysis on Device Sociality: Deriving Human Social Relationships from Device Interactions

Jang-Ho Choi, Kyuchang Kang, Dongoh Kang and Changseok Bae

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A New Database Archiving Approach for Effective Storage and Data Management: A Case Study of Data Warehouse Project in a Korean Bank

Seung Ryul Jeong, Yoosin Kim, Imran Ghani and Jae Hwa Kim

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Impacts of Personal, Social and Culture Factors on User Acceptance of ASMD NScreen Cloud Contents and Services

Hakgyun Kim, Youdong You and Kiyoun Kim

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Development of Multi-Standard Digital Radio Chipset with Shared Logic and Memory

Se-Ho Park, Jeongwook Seo, and Min-Goo Kang

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A Pragmatic Media-Sharing Device for ATSC Mobile DTV Broadcasting

Se-Ho Park, Jun-Rim Choi and Jeongwook Seo

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Visualizing Workflow-Supported Social Networks and Their Degree Centrality Measures

Hyun Ahn, Hyeongnyeon Kim and Kwanghoon Pio Kim

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An Efficient Interoperability Analyzer for Seamless Multimedia Content Access

Yong-Suk Park and Jeongwook Seo

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